This article describes how you can configure SimplyDo to transmit emails (such as notification emails and announcements) via a mail server of your choice.

Whilst most SimplyDo functionality can (and usually will) be set-up for you by your account manager during onboarding, it may be worth taking a look through this guide in case there are other options you may wish to take advantage of.

1. Introduction

By default, SimplyDo transmits all email through our dedicated mail provider, Sendgrid. However, we understand that some organisations would prefer to maximise their data sovereignty and reduce the number of suppliers and sub-processors that have access to personal data (names and email addresses).

As such, SimplyDo offers the facility to configure a custom email server - perhaps one operated or owned by your own organisation - through which all outbound SimplyDo mail will be transmitted.

SimplyDo’s email connections are handled via SMTP, the widely-used protocol for handling email. SimplyDo offers a number of settings to help you tailor the connection details according to your needs.

2. Configuring a custom SMTP server on SimplyDo

Email server connections are handled through the administrator settings for your organisation.

To start, navigate to the Email tab of the administrator console Settings page.

Enable the setting by toggling on the Send email from another domain through my mail server setting.

A number of additional options will become available. They can be completed as follows:

  • SMTP Host: The IP address or host name of the SMTP server to connect to.

  • SMTP Port: The port number to connect to on the SMTP server.

  • Encryption: Choose the encryption scheme expected by your SMTP server. The options are:

    • No encryption

    • SSL


  • From name: Choose the name that will be displayed in the “from” field in emails sent.

  • From email: Choose the email address that will be used to send the emails.

  • SMTP username: The username to authenticate against the server.

  • SMTP password: The password to use to authenticate against the server.

When you have finished setting-up the mail server, remember to click Save settings.

Emails to users in your organisation will now be sent using this new connection.

3. Revert back to using SimplyDo’s default mail settings

If you would like to revert to using the default SMTP settings for SImplyDo, simply toggle-off the Send email from another domain through my mail server option on the Email tab of your administrator settings (as described above).

4. Conclusion

In this article we have outlined the process for configuring SimplyDo to use a custom SMTP email server for your organisation’s outbound mail.

If you have any questions or problems with this setup, please just get in touch with your account manager.

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