To begin, navigate to the groups section at the top of your screen followed by clicking 'create group' on the right hand side.

Once you have done this, you will then be walked through a process of giving the group a name (we suggest something that will identify with your users). Then you need to decide on the publicity of this group, if you are working in a closed environment and don't want users to freely join it then I recommend selecting a private group. If you select private, you will have to manually put users into the group is the group itself is not discoverable. If you select public then when users sign in, they will be able to discover the group and join it. 

Finally before the group setup is complete, you have the option to add users directly to it but remember you can only add users that have an account. If you need users to sign up first then I recommend sending out the signup code after creating the croup.

Now that your group is created, you might want to set up some advanced engagement tools. The two that we recommend are:

  • Setting a discussion post in the group allowing all users inside the group to engage in conversation.

  • Setting an automated announcement to all users when they join the group to welcome them

These are just two ways to enhance the users experience within the platform.

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