As an administrator, you may like to add other administrators to help you manage users in your organisation. For example, in an organisation, individuals may need administrator-level access in order to view and assess the ideas created by their users. Please note that administrators will have access to all users data and ideas so ensure that this is something you would like to do first. 

Creating new administrators

Please note: this method cannot be used if the administrator already has an account on Simply Do Ideas.

To begin please navigate the the Admins page by clicking 'Admin' from the top navigational bar. A new staff administrator can be added by navigating to the Admin dashboard (select ‘Admin’ from list of options at the left of the page to bring you to this page). Next, select 'Users' from the list of features at the left of the page. From users you can click '+ Add user' to add a new user.

Once you have added a new user you can then set them to admin by clicking the blue arrowed option button for the specific user and selecting 'Change role' and setting it to 'Admin'.

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