Area: This activity session will walk you through every detailed step that will ensure that you have the maximum uptake and engagement from your users. 

Phases: The two key aspects to doing this consist of 'Pre-Launch' which refers to everything that you need to set up prior to the engagement/re-engagement and the second is 'Post Launch' which will walk you through the way to continually drive engagement once your initial messages have gone out. 

Pre Launch (set up)

     1. Create a group
Create a group for your users to join when they sign up and make sure you name this something that will be recognisable by your users (department/module/staff). When you have named the group, next you will need to put a comment in the group feed and 'Pin' the comment. This should include:

a. Welcome the user
b. Tell them the benefits of getting involved for them (incentives?)
c. Break down the steps of what you want them to do (see example)
d. Tell them how to get in contact with you if needed (see example)

I have provided an example announcement below so feel free to copy this and adopt it to suit your needs.

Hi  everyone,

Thanks for signing up, this platform is going to help you (INSERT USER NEED HERE). Your next steps are to discover (INSERT CHALLENGE NAME) and create an idea for it. 

Please feel free to use this comment thread to talk to myself and other users in the group.


     2. Incentives
Decide what you might use to incentivise involvement and reward ideas. This does not have to be much but it will aid the engagement from users if they think there is something out of it and this may actually be from the challenge itself. I have provided a few that have previously worked:

a. First 5 ideas in receive a free lunch (mini rewards)
b. The best idea will receive X money to work on their idea (idea rewards)
c. The best idea will receive tickets for X event (large single award)

    3. Find/create a challenge
You will need to either discover a challenge for your users to get involved in or create your own challenge, if it is the latter then please complete our 'How do I create a challenge' activity first.

    4. Create and Pin an example idea Once you open the challenge you can then create an idea for it. I highly recommend this as you can then pin this example idea from the challenge page by ‘options’, ‘Pin Idea’ and this way when users view the challenge they can also view the pinned idea.

    5. Physical Marketing
Put up physical signage e.g. poster or flyer in halls or notice board (wherever your users will be), please make sure that you include the sign up code for your organisation (

    6. Decide your audience
You want to ensure that you originally target those who are the go getters, the ones who will spark other users to get involved.

    7. Set up social
Set up a hoot-suite/buffer social media campaign including the signup code for users to get involved.

    8. Sign-up users
Copy the sign-on link form the administration dashboard  and circulate this to your users through your current communication channels (email, slack, facebook groups, linkedIn groups etc.) and make sure you include the benefits and rewards in this message. Feel free to copy the example below :) 


This is your chance to showcase your amazing ideas and solve challenges, win prizes and much more. Please follow this sign on link (e.g.) to sign up, join (X) group and create your idea. We are offering (INSERT PRIZE HERE). 

Best wishes,

Post Launch (continual engagement)

    1. Try more comms
Use difference communication channels to drive engagement (week 1 facebook, week 2 personal email etc.)

    2. Run targeted campaigns/sprints
Run innovation sprints where you focus on a particular challenge and run a 30/60 day campaign on this and I would recommend using the above points and running social media campaigns alongside this with a prize to drive engagement.

    3. Run day events
Run an innovation day/hack with your users to generate ideas within the platform that they can then continue with and you can assess. Please get in touch with us if you would like some help with this.

    4. Case-Study engaged users to disengaged
Most users will wait for others to engage successfully before they decide to get onboard. I would make sure that the first person that you can evaluate positively, getting a caste study showing the progress and outcome that came from engaging with the platform. 

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