To begin, navigate to the top of your screen and clicking '+New' then 'Challenge'. 

Setting a description and video

Give your challenge a name (you can change this name anytime) and then click 'continue'. First you should start by providing a challenge description which will need to include a brief/explanation setting out the challenge itself. It should inform people what they will need to do in order to create an idea for this challenge. 

Next you should upload a video explainer to the challenge. This can be done by either uploading a video of yourself introducing and explaining the challenge or using another video from somewhere such as youtube which explains the challenge or idea creation process (these really will maximise engagement). 

Setting an idea format

As you move down the challenge creation process, next is the 'Idea format' which is the structure of how you want for a challenge to be created. For example do you just want them to have full creativity over the idea (freeform) or do you want to create a custom idea format which will take them through a process that you create, asking them questions that you decide and allowing them to answer how you would like. A freeform idea format will look like this:

As you can see above, the user would select components from the left hand side in order to build an idea. A custom idea format will follow the structure that you create, below is an example of our 6Cs structure which is available as one of your idea format options. 

Why not read our article on 'How to create a custom idea format' if you would like to create one. 


As your looking at the idea format screen you will notice three tabs at the top ('Ideas', Idea format' and 'Audience' which is where you need to go next. 

This section will allow you to select and add this challenge to your chosen audience which allows you to send tailored challenges to specific groups and organisations. As you select and deselect an audience you will notice your reach of users changing on the right hand side of the screen.

Challenge Settings

Before opening the challenge to your users you'll need to complete the challenge settings on the left hand side of the screen. Starting with choosing the cover image, work your way through the tags, theme, challenge reward and deadline date before finally checking and opening the challenge. 

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