Adding Teammates to your ideas allows other registered users to edit your ideas as if they were their own. This is useful if you are building an idea as part of a team.

To get started, find your idea and click 'Team' on the left hand side of the screen.

To add a new collaborator to this idea, begin typing someone's name in the search box under 'Team’. As you type, a list of names will appear below. Simply select the person you wish to add (by clicking their name).

Your chosen person will now appear in the 'existing Teammates' section below.

Teammates can find the idea on their ideas dashboard (in the same way you can).

Important notes

  • Teammates cannot add further teammates

  • Teammates can see the idea and pitch even if the idea is set to 'Private'

  • Teammates can only be from inside your own organisation

  • Beware of overwriting other people's work

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